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Bringing hope, joy and dignity by providing disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks.


One evening while traveling to Lira district in the northern region of Uganda, Tracy concentrated her eyes on the road side and saw multitudes of children going back home from school barefooted. At first she looked and never paid so much attention until it became a common scenario on the road side almost the entire trip. At the next trading centre, she stopped and greeted one of the kids then asked her, what should I give you?, the young girl answe#ee8ed4, Give Me A Shoe and that’s how she began this charity organisation. Give Me A Shoe is a registe#ee8ed4 non-for-profit organization and it’s regulated by the NGO Bureau of the Republic of Uganda. We don’t just give shoes, we are changing the status quo through providing shoes, mentorship and advocacy that give back hope, joy and dignity. When we mobilize girls and boys, their communities and our world grow stronger.

Our vision

Keep every child smiling.

Our Mission

Bringing hope, joy and dignity by providing disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks.


Shoe Giveaway

We collect shoes from different individual and companies or buy shoes and distributed them to the disadvantaged children and children in crisis. We do this through working with different schools in especially rural areas of Uganda. In our assessment, in most of these rural schools especially in Northern Uganda and in Refugee settlements, about 90% of the children don’t have school shoes while almost 99% don’t have sports shoes. In most cases we give the girl- child more privileges since statistics p#ee8ed4ict that they are 2/3 times more likely to drop out of school because of different reasons, we don’t want not having a shoe to be one of the reasons.


Given the fact that most of our targeted children are from very poor families, these young children need to appreciate that there is a brighter future for them no matter their current situation. Our mentorship programs involve women and men who have been able to beat theodds to achieve and some of their life changing stories builds the confidence of these children to press on to achieve their dreams.

Partnerships and Advocacy

We work with other likeminded organisations and companies to address some of the other challenges that boys and girls in low cost schools go through. This helps us to contribute to a bigger goal of improving lives of children.

Make an

Purchase a product

Purchase our products including t-shirts, caps and bracelets. For every product you buy, you put a shoe and socks on the feet of a child.


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Get involved

We would love to work with you to achieve our vision, please, you can volunteer, donate, purchase our products or amplify our cause.


Can’t reach our goal of zero shoeless children in Uganda without volunteers. Join the countless volunteers through mentoring engagements, giveaway sessions, and fundraising to help many needy children one step at a time. Please, you can involve your family, school, community and church.


Your donation of any amount will be used to buying shoes or socks for children. Contact us if you wish to make a donation.

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